Community Support Services

Care Coordination (CC)

Care Coordination provides WRAP-informed case management and care collaboration for children aged 3-18 with serious emotional disturbance. We collaborate with other professional and naturalistic supports to help the family create a 'team' approach to their child's care needs.

Community Support for Families (CSF)

CSF works with DCF referred families at risk of abuse or neglect to help them access community resources and naturalistic supports to prevent further involvement with child protective services. Referrals for families involved with the Family Assessment Response track of DCF only.

Early Childhood Consultation Project (ECCP)

ECCP provides consultation in the early childhood settings to center staff and teachers of children ages 0-5. Assists centers with understanding the social, developmental and emotional needs of young children. Referrals made through early childhood settings only.

Parents as Teachers (PAT)

PAT provides ongoing home visiting for first-time mothers and their children from prenatal to 5 years of age. We assist parents with understanding their children's development and growth through parent guidance and education.

Fatherhood Engagement Services (FHES)

FHES works with DCF referred fathers to support their active involvement in their children's lives and development. We provide the 24/7 Group curriculum and case management services to fathers.

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