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Parents As Teachers

Parents as Teachers is an intervention to support young children (0-5) in families as they develop and grow. This evidence-based curriculum has been in use across the USA for over 20 years and has been tested through research to help strengthen children’s development and empower parents to be their child’s first teacher. Our parent educators partner with parents to enhance child development and parenting practices through guidance education and family support.


Involvement with PAT is available at no cost and voluntary; the parent educator works with families to find the best approach to support the family as their child grows and changes until kindergarten entry. 

Within PAT, the following services are offered:

  • Screening: We work with hospitals and birthing centers to identify prenatal or new moms after giving birth for immediate support and guidance as they transition home with their new baby. Our parent educators are trained to administer various screenings for social-emotional and developmental milestones during home visits. 

  • Home Visiting: We can join you in your home to help you recognize cues from your child and learn about your child’s development and growth.  These visits can occur weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

  • Group Connections: We run groups for parents that focus on child development, attachment, parent supports, play-based learning, and other topics so that new parents can meet other new parents creating a supportive and social opportunity.  The topics of these groups rotate throughout the year and parents can participate in more than one if interested.

  • Phone Connection/Resource and Referrals: We can provide regular phone support and check-ins to answer questions and help link families to identified resources. 

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For More Information:

203-574-9000 x1305 

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