We Stand With You


The killing of George Floyd is yet another call to action to address racial injustice.  It is sickening, shocking, traumatic, and unacceptable.  How can we as a people accept this, and the many other similar deaths as the result of disregard for the value of the life of Black and Brown citizens?  

I want to acknowledge the full range of feelings and emotions you might be experiencing - from shock, worry, and fear to anger and even numbness.  As someone who has dedicated his career to justice, equity, and health for all, I am shaken to my core by what continues to transpire in our country.  Please know you are not alone and try not to lose hope that together we can act to end racism, prejudice, and racial injustice.

For almost 70 years the staff and Board of Wellmore have worked to confront injustice in its many forms.  We are here to help, we want to be a part of the solution, but much work lays ahead.  
I am praying for an end to violence and a peaceful outcome that leads to lasting change.  We stand with the community during this trying time. 

As always, I wish you peace, health and safety.

Gary Steck, Chief Executive Officer

Wellmore Behavioral Health