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Child First

Child First (CF) is an innovative program that provides home-based therapeutic intervention and hands-on connection to community resources for children from birth to age 6. Children and families who are at risk of serious emotional disturbance, developmental/learning problems, and abuse or neglect meet with our child first team to develop and implement comprehensive treatment. Child First consists of a two-person team, a licensed clinician, and a bachelor's level care coordinator who works with children and families in their homes 1-2 times per week for 6-12 months.  

Common child, familial, school, and community issues Child First address’: Abuse & Neglect, Anger, Attachment, ADHD, Anxiety, Bonding Issues, Conflict, Developmental Delays, Depression, Learning Issues,  Post Traumatic Stress, School Issues, & Property Destruction.  

*During the COVID 19 families decide if they prefer treatment to be in person or virtual. 

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