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Adult Services

Our adult services are provided in community-based settings by professionally trained, culturally competent staff.  The programs work together to support our mission and exemplify our core philosophy: faith in and dedication to the possibilities of transformation and growth for all human beings, and the recognition that we are all part of a larger whole.

To make a referral or get help, call 1-855-WELLMORE

Additional Questions?

Crisis Line 1-866-794-0021

Therapy Session
Outpatient Clinical Services

Our Adult Outpatient Service provides substance abuse and co-occurring mental health treatment for individuals living and working in the community.

Residential Facilities

We provide several safe and supportive residential facilities to help support the successful treatment of those who need a more intensive treatment environment.

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Case Management Services

Our trained staff provides case management services to adults with substance use disorders who are prone to chronic relapse and high utilization of community acute care services.

Additional Resources

Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services

Department of Public Health

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