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Adult Residential Programs


Our residential services offer 24/7 support and supervision, with walk-in assessments daily in the outpatient clinic for all residential programs. We offer substance use treatment and all our sites are Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) friendly! On-site case management services are available with the ability to refer/link to offsite Outpatient Behavioral Healthcare. To aid in the wellness process all sites offer Intensive psychotherapeutic & psychoeducational group therapies, a Self-Help Group Involvement/Relapse Prevention, 12 Step meetings, and HIV & Hep C testing and education.


Therapeutic Shelter 

Our therapeutic shelter is a safe and supportive residential facility that provides case management and intensive treatment services for adult men ages 18 and over. This is a short-term program of 2-3 weeks for those persons contemplating a step towards recovery and who are feeling challenged by residing in the community and maintaining abstinence, or for those who have completed formal treatment and are awaiting placement in the next level of care. Twenty-four-hour treatment services provided by a professional, culturally sensitive staff include:

  • Individualized Counseling (as warranted)

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Case Management Services

  • Assessment of Needs

  • Access to Community Resources

  • Referrals to Treatment Programs

  • Family Involvement

Call 203-574-1419 for more information or to conduct a phone screening


The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), a federal law enacted in 2003, was created to eliminate sexual abuse in confinement. In addition to providing federal funding for research, programs, training, and technical assistance to address the issue, the legislation mandated the development of national standards. For more information on this law, please click the link HERE.

Women & Children’s Program

The Women and Children’s Program is a residential, intermediate treatment program for pregnant or parenting women with one pre-school age child. This setting offers treatment for women with addiction and/or mental health issues. The young child lives with his/her mother in the program. Twenty-four-hour treatment services are provided by a professional, culturally sensitive staff trained in issues of domestic violence and trauma:

  • Treatment Services

  • Individual Counseling

  • Educational Groups

  • Family Involvement

  • Assessment of Needs

  • Transportation to Medical Appointments

  • Parenting Education and Assistance

  • On-Site Child Care for those in Treatment

  • Domestic Violence Education

  • Linkage to Head Start

Call 203-574-3311 for more information or to conduct a phone screening

Morris Recovery House

Morris Recovery House offers a unique addiction recovery, temporary housing model for adult men diagnosed with a primary addiction problem and/or co-occurring mental health problem. Clients live in a recovery-oriented facility that provides 24/7 supervision and support. During the up to 90-day stay, clients agree to continue their recovery by refraining from drug and alcohol use. Clients receive:

  • Temporary Housing

  • Recovery Support (including random drug/alcohol screenings)

  • Vocational/Employment is Highly Encouraged

  • Transportation to Supportive Services (on a limited basis)

  • Participation in Wellmore IOP and OP Services for local, clinical support

Call 203-574-3986 for more information or to conduct a phone screening

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