Board of Directors

Contemporary Boardroom


James F. NardozziChairperson
Drew Marine

Frank J. ScintoVice Chair

Chipman, Mazzucco, Emerson LLC

Xhemil (John) KolianiTreasurer

Thomas R. BuzzelliSecretary
Community Volunteer, Wolcott


Kathleen McPadden,

Ion Bank

Armando Paolino III,
Paolino Public Affairs Consulting, Inc

Nancy Becker


Suerette Bailey, RN-BC

New York Presbyterian/LHC

Lori Kecskes

Employers Reference Source

Dr. Peter Jacoby
Medical Director, Wound Center at St. Mary’s Hospital

Linda Wihbey – Esq.

Associate City Attorney- City of Bridgeport, CT

Glenn MacInnes
Webster Bank

Dr. Michael Rokosky
Pediatrician/Community Volunteer, Watertown

The Mission of Wellmore, Inc.

To promote lifetime wellness through essential and innovative treatment and support.


We envision a community where individuals are empowered to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Core Values

Equality, Integrity, Quality, Diversity, Compassion,

Respect, Collaboration, and Accessibility

Statement on Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

We, the Board of Directors and staff of Wellmore, Inc., are committed to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe we have a moral obligation to do our part to address past and current injustices to groups that have been historically disadvantaged and socially, politically, and economically excluded, especially those living with psychiatric conditions and/or addiction.


Our commitment is shaped by our Mission, Vision, and Values, as well as the traditions of Wellmore and its predecessors and founding members.

We define diversity as including, but not limited to, individual and group differences based on race, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, class, religious/spiritual belief, and intellectual or physical ability. Creating a genuinely inclusive environment and ensuring that diverse voices are present and active in all aspects of our operations will enhance our organization’s effectiveness.

In pursuing social change, we seek to implement our services and nurture our organizational culture in a manner that embraces diversity and inclusion. We strive to maintain the highest standards of ethics, transparency, and accountability and are committed to:

  • Recruiting a diverse Board of Directors and staff;

  • Fostering open and effective communication and collaboration between staff, stakeholders, and those entrusted in our care;

  • Engaging with diverse constituencies;

  • Working with our partners and funders to achieve shared diversity, equity, and inclusion goals;

  • Identify and act to reduce health inequities that affect the quality of life for all in the communities we serve;

  • Tracking, continuously evaluating, and publicly reporting our progress;

  • Advocating for public policy that advances social inclusion; and

  • Promoting inter and cross-cultural understanding.

Achieving diversity, equity, and inclusion is a continuous process that we believe will contribute to a more just and peaceful world.

So enacted by a vote of the Board of Directors on this 16th day of March 2016.