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Fatherhood Engagement Services

Fatherhood Engagement Services (FHES) provides intensive outreach, case management services, and 24/7 Dad© group programming to fathers who are referred by and involved with Department of Children and Families (DCF). FHES assists fathers with increasing positive parenting skills to improve their relationships with their children, supporting their work with DCF, and making connections to other services that will help them address needs related to fatherhood.  


Fathers are assigned to a Fatherhood Specialist who provides parent education through group work once a week for 12 (2) hour sessions using the 24/7 Dads© curriculum. They also provide case management for basic needs, housing, employment, and other referrals as needed to help them get back on their feet.  Each dad has a unique plan specific to and his goals and his vision of the child’s goals as well as the overall family.


Fatherhood Specialists maintain a flexible schedule, including evening and weekend hours to accommodate the fathers’ needs & schedule. 

Image by Devon Divine

For More Information:

203-575-0466 x1302. 

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