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Care Coordination

Care Coordination is a home-based service that helps families with children who have serious emotional disturbance by using a Wraparound model; we are strength-based, empowering caregivers to help their child improve functioning in home, school, and community.  We work with children between 3-18 (or a bit older if still in school) to help build resources to support the child’s challenges through professional and community-based connections.  


The program, open to families without active DCF involvement, is provided at no cost; participation is voluntary.  Referrals come from a variety of sources including families themselves and community providers.  Our Care Coordinators pride themselves on being culturally competent and attentive to all family members’ perceptions of their family vision, needs and goals. A Care Coordinator, helps families build a team of natural, informal, and formal supports through a process using a child and family team meeting’ to create goals around support.  

In 2020, 88% of families that utilized Care Coordination Services rated the quality of services as excellent.  

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For More Information:

203-755-1143 x 4363.

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