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If you are in an abusive relationship with an intimate partner, there is help to break the cycle.  Wellmore’s IPV-FAIR program is primarily an in-home service to those referred by DCF that is at no cost and is voluntary.  We offer safe, respectful, culturally relevant, and individually responsive assistance. We place emphasis on our services being delivered in a private, safe, and preferred location of the client. The location of our service can be at home, within our clinic, or in other community locations if confidentiality and privacy are assured. 

IPV-FAIR works with both mothers and fathers who have experienced intimate partner violence in their relationship in a way that is safe and confidential. We will work with each parent individually for a number of weeks before bringing them together to learn and use co-parenting skills for overall family functioning.  


IPV-FAIR promotes promote healthier relationships and effective communication among family members all the while assuring the safety and well-being of children living in the home.  Assessments of all family members enable the IPV team, comprised of a clinician and family navigator, to engage both parents in treatment, while also accessing identified services for the children.  


The IPV Clinician works to implement an evidence-based model to increase parenting practices, coping skills, affect regulation, and problem-solving skills with both parents individually.  The Family Navigator offers case management, supportive psychoeducation, parenting education, and additional supportive services to the clients to ensure that they have access to resources to help themselves and their children continue to stabilize.

Families can expect to receive in-person sessions 1-3 times per week and have crisis support from their team 24/7.


 Although all of our referrals come from DCF in 2019, 80% of those who used our IPV service would refer a family member or friend if they were in need.

Image by Sydney Sims

For More Information:

203-755-1143 x 4378

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