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Wellmore Featured In Connecticut Fatherhood Initiative Newsletter!

Community Resource Highlights

Wellmore Behavioral Health

14 East Main Street, Waterbury, CT 06702

Tel: 203-574-9000

Wellmore Behavioral Health has provided Fatherhood Engagement Services (FES ) to Region 5 for the Department of Children and Families (DCF) since 2018. The FES program provides intensive outreach, case management, and 24/7Dad© group programming to fathers referred by DCF. FES assists fathers with increasing positive parenting skills to improve their relationships with their children, supporting their work with DCF, and making connections to other services that will help them address needs related to fatherhood.

Emil Renzullo, one of the Fatherhood Facilitators at Wellmore, has worked with hundreds of dads in CT for 20 years and has many success stories. Emil always makes it a point to ask the question of who and what is a nurturing father. Out of all the many answers he received over the years, it was most simply broken down into the following: "We want the best for our children. We have discovered that ‘quality time' is the most important thing we can give them. It cannot be replaced, and as a father, we must instill characteristics and qualities that let our kids grow into responsible adults. We must be aware that they do as we do, and because of this, we must be aware of our actions. If we as fathers want our children to have morals and values, we must love, nurture, work hard, be dedicated, have compassion, and fully accept this job for a lifetime. We will strive as a dad to be someone our children will be proud of. The Fatherhood Engagement Program means something different to all of us, but we stand together believing that Fatherhood is a journey that we are not charged with. It is one that we are blessed with."

Check out the full newsletter here!

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